Migration - a European Challenge

Through globalization, the internet and affordable ways of traveling the world has become very accessible for a lot of people. Never before EU citizens travelled as much as today. On the other side of the coin there are many “involuntary travelers” in many places of the world. People who leave their homes searching for places that can offer them better chances. Current statistics from the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) count 43 millions of refugees.

In our workshop “Migration – a European Challenge” we took a closer look at this discrepancy by pointing out our life situations in Europe on the one hand and the situation of refugees coming to Europe on the other hand. The Workshop opened up a space to share information and to discuss current global problems. The program comprised: presentations by experts of European foreign politics; meetings with foreign aid organizations; exchange about the refugee policies of our countries; discussions about perspectives – how can we face these global problems from a European perspective?

Dates: 8.3.2013-17.3.2013.
Venue: The workshop took place in the guesthouse of the Cultural Center KuBiZ (www.kubiz-wallenberg.de) in Berlin.
With: participants from different european countries (including Turkey, Norway, Island, Swiss, Lichtenstein).
Supported by: Grundtvig program of the European Union

Our project blog: http://migrationineurope.blogsport.eu/

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