Today was the day when we heard a theoretical part of different kind of workshops. Firstly, we had a presentation about perspectives of former East Berlin migrants at the GDR and post GDR discourses. This lecture I found valuable, because I couldn’t imagine how it felt to be “free” when the wall fell. There still were many boarders for the minoritys. And the lecture helped me to know more about the social statuses and migrants posinions in the early united Germany. Secondly, we have presented the places we have visited on the event day ( the fall of the Berlin wall aniversary).We showed pictures, videos and told our impresions and what does this event mean to us. It was a bit hard, because it was very emocional sometimes. Finally, we had and Anti Bias worshop. It tought us about negative side of stereotypes. I liked that workshop alot, because it helped me to realise in what kind of stereotypical world I’m living.

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