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Thanks to all of you :-)

Dear participants!

We hope that you all had a pleasant travelling back home!

We thank you a lot for your participation and we are happy that we had the pleasure to have you all here in Berlin!

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European Walls

Contemporaneous with the 25th anniversery of the fall of the German Wall, a group of activist and artisits is organizing the first European Falling of the Walls:

Celebrating the “reunification” of Germany as a new era while at the same time, the border-politics of Europe are killing thousands of people, is absurd.

Please share, discuss, and become active!


Schedule 11.11.2014

A: Working in small groups: Developing pedagogical concepts for the year 2100 in which there won´t be any contemporary witnesses any more.

B: presentation of the results of the small-groups

C: House of democracy and human-rights: Input and visit – oppositions in the GDR

D: Input & presentation of members of “church from below” about their organisation and their experiences/role during the protestsin the GDR 1989 and their invisibility in the common discourses after the reunification

Schedule 09.11.2014

A: Experiences of borders in Berlin: A scouting expedition through Berlin as a separated town. With action research interviews.

B: Discussion and preparation of the research results in the small groups.

C: Visiting cultural events together, related to the 25. anniversary of the fall of the wall