Workshop "Jewish life in Berlin"

People of Jewish belief, their customs and religion represent an integral part within the societies of the European Community. Jewish women and men are visible and audible inside the heart of our societies. Nevertheless the non-Jewish part of the population often has a poor knowledge of their Jewish fellows.

„Jewish Life in Berlin“, Germany’s biggest and most various Jewish community, took us to a ideal starting point for our expedition to far more than religion and history. Together with participants from Croatia, Swiss, Turkey, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein we analyzed recent developments like the increasing antisemitism in EU countries and it’s consequences for Jewish citizens. The chance to get into direct exchange with a broad variety of Jewish organisations and groups provided an intensive and vivid insight into the diversity of the Jewish living environment in Berlin.

The aim of the workshop was not just to broaden the knowledge about Jewish culture and religion, chances and problems as well as historical developments. Moreover, we focused on practical strategies for fighting prejudices, stereotypes and persistent antisemitism in an appropriate way in our daily lives.

Dates: 22.-30. September 2012
Venue: KuBiZ in Berlin-Weißensee
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