Millions of people are on the move worldwide as a result of war, discrimination, social inequality, climate change and economic deprivation in the hope to find a better future elsewhere. At the same time there is no clear European strategy helping to deal with those problems fostered by the “global north”, but a policy of fighting refugees by closing and militarizing borders and transit countries and criminalizing rescue helpers at sea. The refugees who manage to enter the European Union are confronted with tightened laws, with the demoralizing & protracting procedure for granting the right of asylum, with social exclusion, racism and stereotypes. Additional the rising right-wing populist movements, the anti-Muslim discourses, xenophobia and fake news in media foster violence and encourage people to crackdown on refugees, migrants and their supporters.

But the immigration of hundred of thousands of people to Europe brought as well new perspectives of self-organization and empowerment to the communities. Many progressive projects were starting all over Europe during the last year supporting, empowering and fighting for better conditions and freedom of all people in and outside Europe. With our training – and the emdedded networking day “IntERAct – Interconnecting European Refugee Activists (and Supporters)” – we want to have a closer look on the new approaches, networks and on best-practice examples of inclusion. We will create a space for exchange for participants with different perspectives and privileges, who are affected in various forms of discrimination.

With: trainers, youth workers & activists from Finland, Portugal, Germany, Italy,Romania, the Netherlands and Greece
Date of the Training Course: 03. – 12.02.2018
Date of the Networking Day “IntERAct”: 10.02.2018

This project is funded by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action-Programme