Casa inDIpendenza – A place for education, empowerment, regeneration!

On the edge of a secluded, northern Italian Alpine village, we want to build a place free of exchange logic for political, social and ecological education as well as for empowerment, regeneration and constructive processes for all – the Casa inDIpendenza.

To this end, we want to acquire a vacant, over one hundred year old property with a solid natural stone house with five living rooms, a barn, two outbuildings and a large plot of land with a very old stand of sweet chestnuts – and fill it with new life!

The property is located in a mountain village of about 200 inhabitants in the Valle Cannobina on the edge of the largest wilderness reserve in the Alps, the “Val Grande”. The atmosphere is characterised by the timelessness of the mountains with their bare peaks and ridges, covered all around by natural forest. It is quiet here and the weather becomes perceptible and significant. An ideal place to study, meet, make plans, explore nature. And yet a bus runs to this village from the nearby and well-connected small town on Lake Maggiore.
The project will be a place for political and social education, preferably without financial barriers.
We will focus on the topics of intersectionality and discrimination-critical education, climate justice, environmental protection and sustainability. We also want to create space for the empowerment of people affected by discrimination and people in solidarity, a space for dialogue, networking, psycho-social support and activities, but also for socio-political engagement. Especially psycho-social support, empowerment and environmental education for migrant children and youth are topics close to our hearts. Educational offers for groups and families to promote mindfulness, self-care, awareness, self-change and creativity should also find a place here.
In order to compensate for different financial possibilities and the associated privileges or disadvantages and to create low-threshold and non-commercial access, especially for people with multiple deprivations, we want to make this place free of exchange logic. This means that it will be financed by association funds and voluntary donations – the use of the space is not dependent on any services in return.

In order to support the purchase and restoration, we cordially invite you to participate in or share the following crowdfunding.
If you are curious, want to know more, have questions or suggestions or want to participate, you are welcome to write to us at

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