Diversify! Including various perspectives in global learning

In our new eleven-month project in Berlin, we are deepening our activities in the field of power-sharing and diversification of perspectives in political education work. Until the end of July 2024, three shadowing students will bring their Southern perspectives into the project, develop a workshop concept together with us and conduct it twice with a group of learners. This will make migrant experiences more visible and perspectives in global learning more diverse. The job shadowing offers the three people the opportunity to gain new experience in political education work, to expand skills in the didactic conception of educational events and to enlarge their own networks.The target groups for the seminars, in which the developed concepts will be implemented, are multipliers who are themselves active in global learning or political education work. In the project, eight exciting seminars for 15 to 20 multipliers each will be developed and implemented. Interested individuals and organisations that are active in development/political education, as well as organisations that work with migrants and refugees, are cordially invited to participate in our online kick-off information event.

SAVE THE DATE: Online kick-off event on 31.10.2023, 10:00 – 12:00.

The event is open to those interested in the shadowing sessions and to organisations and individuals interested in the seminar offer. Online registration via info@solarev.org is required for participation in the kick-off event.

Those interested in the job shadowing sessions can apply now at https://bit.ly/3PWZcea.

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