Drugs are part of everyday life. They are consumed across all population groups. The motives are diverse: pleasure, relaxation, performance enhancement, forgetting about everyday life, expanding consciousness, dealing with problems, drug use as a form of resistance against the logic of capitalism or even a bit of freedom and self-determination in a life full of constraints.
When we talk about ‘drug problems’ in the global North, we usually mean the consequences of drug use for our society. We rarely consider the consequences of this drug use for the environment and the people in the global South who cultivate, process and bring these drugs to Europe. In our seminar, we will look at and analyse these invisible ‘costs’ of our drug consumption and use them to illustrate the fundamental structures of global North-South relations. We also want to analyse how drug tourism from the global North to countries in the global South affects societies there and what conflicts arise as a result. However, we don’t want to leave it at analysing, but rather discuss with you what real solidarity-based action can look like.

Date: 29.06.2024
Duration: 11:00 – 17:30
Place: Berlin, the location is not 100% proofed yet
Target Group: Facilitators in political education, social workers, teachers, activists and all people interested in the topics are invited
Costs: Participation is free of any fee
registration: If you are interested in joyning, write an email to: info@solarev.org

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