In September we will offer the great chance to play our self-developed role- & simulation game on the topic migration. Additionally we will teach you in different aspects of facilitating by using interactive methods of non-formal learning.

What is Minosia Labyrinth?

Minosia Labyrinth is an interactive role play- and simulation game on the topic of migration. It aims to raise awareness on the complexities of the migration process and the difficulties migrants and refugees face in Europe. By letting participants “step in the footsteps” of a migrant or e.g. a policy implementer, we aim to bring far away experiences closer to us. The game creates empathy and enhances understanding for the people affected by migration and offers a multidimensional approach to reflect on privileges, prejudices and stereotypes. It shows the (in)human side of what migration entails, it is an interactive learning experience in which the unimaginable becomes imaginable. The game is designed to be played by different target groups from diverse age and background, with a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40 players. The duration of the game is between half day up to a day, depending on the complexity level. 

About the Tutor Training:
After a first try out experience of the game – which took place in March 2019 in Berlin – and with help of the feedback and evaluation made after the activity, the consortium reworked and upgraded some parts and elements of the game. As a result, the final European version is now ready. The next step in the project is preparing people who are interested in becoming facilitators of the game. 

The Tutor Training that will take place in the Netherlands, will be divided in two parts: 1. the theoretical section where participants will attend workshops and activities to get informed about the facilitation process and learn how to be game tutors; and 2. the experimental section where participants will have the chance to put into practice their abilities as tutors. Those, who joint the try out activity in March will facilitate the role- & simulation game, the newbies will take part as participants in playing the game. 

Fill in the application form to join: Application form

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