Im Onlineseminar am 09.12.23 (10:00 – 15:00) werden wir uns mit der kolonialen Vergangenheit beschäftigen. Unsere Leitfrage wird hierbei sein, inwieweit koloniale Strukturen, Denkweisen und Abhängigkeiten noch heute wirkmächtig sind und Einfluss auf die Gesellschaft, Politik und Ökonomie nehmen. Anhand von Beispielen der Vergangenheit wie Gegenwart werden wir in verschiedenen praktischen Methoden die Verknüpfungen der Zeiten erkunden. Das Präsenzseminar, am 16.12.23 (11:00 – 16:00) in Berlin, befasst sich mit der Frage, was die Entwicklungen und Widerstandsbewegungen im Sudan in den letzten Jahren mit der Kolonialzeit zu tun haben. Außerdem versuchen wir zu beantworten, mit welchen geostrategischen Interessen ehemalige Kolonialmächte und Akteure aus dem globalen NordenWeiterlesen

Foster young life in rural areas – learn from the past, create for the future Erasmus+ TRAINING WORKSHOP 29. July – 9th August 2023 in Gurro (Italy) Available (only) for residents from Italy, Germany and Austria! We invite trainers, youth workers and youth activists interested in reflecting about and bringing progress and living perspectives for young people into rural areas to apply for a two-part training workshop. The first activity will take place between the 29th July and the 9th August 2023 in the Verbania-Ossola (North-Italy) area and the second is going to follow next year in Germany. Using creative learning methods we want toWeiterlesen

Are you interested about migration and want to learn and reflect on its place in your history and present? Would you like to take part in a non-formal educational methodology to experience a simulation of the social, bureaucratic and political processes of migration? Do you want to acquire new tools to fight against prejudices and stereotypes that exist all over Europe?   Join our trip to Minosia! An experience in EduLarping on Migration and Inclusion   Minosia Labyrinth is an interactive role play- and simulation game on the topic of migration. It aims to raise awareness on the complexities of the migration process and theWeiterlesen

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“Several KuBiZ” projects have recently published their views on the current conflict about the eviction of a flat. Our collective is active within the associations OBUK e.V. and solar e.V. and the conference and seminar house tagungswerk. We want to comment on this because we did not co-author and support this KuBiZ statement, but have been approached from many sides about the conflict and the numerous controversial discussions. We have not been part of the “self-administration” in the highly fragmented KuBiZ project, which is suffering from processes of domination, bullying and othering, for some years now. Not because we don’t like self-administration, but because weWeiterlesen