Millions of people are on the move worldwide as a result of war, discrimination, social inequality, climate change and economic deprivation in the hope to find a better future elsewhere. At the same time there is no clear European strategy helping to deal with those problems fostered by the “global north”, but a policy of fighting refugees by closing and militarizing borders and transit countries and criminalizing rescue helpers at sea. The refugees who manage to enter the European Union are confronted with tightened laws, with the demoralizing & protracting procedure for granting the right of asylum, with social exclusion, racism and stereotypes. Additional theWeiterlesen

Erste Informationen „Prima Klima in Weißensee“ – Was können wir in unserem Alltag und im Stadtteil für den Klimaschutz und nachhaltigen Umgang mit Ressourcen tun? Zeitraum: 1.8.2017-31.7.2019 Förderprogramm „Kurze Wege für den Klimaschutz“, Geldgeber Bundesumweltministerium Durchführende Organisation: Solar e.V. (Soziales Leben und Arbeiten e.V.) im KuBiZ (Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Weißensee) Bernkasteler Str. 78, 13088 Berlin ; 030 – 86 87 01 519 Weitere und aktuelle Informationen findet Ihr auf unserem Projektblog Inhalt Das Projekt ist überwiegend partizipativ aufgebaut. Wir möchten gemeinsam mit anderen Menschen in Weissensee (und angrenzenden Stadtteilen), Strategien für eine CO2 Reduktion im Alltag entwickeln, sowie kreative und öffentlichkeitswirksame AktionenWeiterlesen

Veranstaltungreihe "Rassismus entgegentreten! Mit interaktiven Methoden politischer Bildungsarbeit"

The ongoing migration to Europe and Germany poses many challenges to our societies, inspecially to civil society actors. A lot of initiatives, that have been supporting the large number of refugees arriving here since the summer of 2015, are working at the limits of their capacities. At the same time AfD, Pegida and Co. are blatantly expressing racist attitudes, which have become more and more socially accepted – showing that these attitudes are not just articulated by a small ring-wing minority, but rooted in the middle of society. Thus, a critique of racism and xenophobia, that’s present in daily life, is more urgently required thanWeiterlesen

migration & inclusion training course 2016

About the project Migration – and especially the situation of refugees – is one of the main topics in public opinion all over Europe. Images of shipwrecked people dying or being rescued in the Mediterranean, people crossing borders in the Balkan countries or trying to cross the channel-tunnel to Britain are day by day in the news. Millions of people worldwide are on the move as a result of war, discrimination, social inequality and economic deprival in the hope to find a better future elsewhere. But there is still no clear European strategy helping to deal with the problems faced by those people, except forWeiterlesen