Sat 8.2.


  • Presentation of the program
  • Gathering of motivation and expactations
  • Find agreements on how to treat each other

Every Person/Organisation introduces themselves with a short presentation (target groups, Content of work, Projects, etc.)

Input about Erasmus+


Talks about cultures and intercultural competences in small groups. (Method: World Cafe)

Exploration of Interculturality in Berlin in smallgroups (Method: Trailing Diversity) 

7 thoughts on “Sat 8.2.

  1. for me, the entire day was under the idea that everything we work on is connected: sustainable farming, with eco-politics, power and hierarchies, pedagogy and alternative learning, invisible/ marginalized people and groups, racism and nationalism, current day crisis in EU and the world.
    a useful tool that i’ve learnt today: clustering ideas and making decisions in big groups.

  2. Great group with good energy!
    First day marathon was really good and many good ideas, proposals and experience shared!
    Let’s keep the good work.
    Ana (PT)

  3. Me and Ines presented our background in GAIA,, an environmental NGO we were part of for some years but with which we’re not working anymore.

    We presented our underconstruction “invisibility project”, that aims to use photography and video as a way to give visibility to marginalized realities.

    I presented the projects that are going in Porto right now with which i’m connected: self managed school (, building a eco-community and Ecosol, a platform for a solidarity economy (

    On the international level, i presented the Network of Young Feminists, a network of organizations and young feminists that promotes a summercamp for the past 3 years where young feminists have the opportunity to meet and work together in a self managed space (blog from the 2013 camp in Portugal: ).


  4. I learned an exciting work method from Nai Wen, that can have many positive trans-generation effects. She was telling us about a project she had where she faced children to images, and asked them to react with a happy sound to each image they see. Kids who make the sound are recorded and their sounds are played to adults who then interpret the sounds. I find it very useful in the context of a deepened gap between parents and children, especially in cases where parents leave to work in other countries, leaving their children behind. There is often a need for a third instance of communication to carry their message back and forth between them, not in a technical way, but in the way of a mediator that can help overcome distance and trauma.

  5. It was full of nice info put about many things this day we learned a lot.
    I now have a lot of ideas on what we do and what we can do together. we had good ice breakers to achieve inter cultural effect on ourselves.
    thank you

  6. It has been a pleasure to capture the different approaches and projects of each of the participants’ organizations. It is certainly a good path to work on Transculturalism – within diverse cultures of work, experience, sharing and development.

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