Sat 15.2.


Exchange of experiences related to conflict situations in our daily work. (Part II).


Networking, Planning of common future projects.

Evaluation of the seminar.




5 thoughts on “Sat 15.2.

  1. Because most of the participants are white, middle-class, highly educated individuals we needed a common effort to address our privileges and position, especially since we work with moderating or training groups in political education. I believe we managed to do this together, even if sometimes it meant confronting each other’s bias. The communication was constructive and helped participants go through powerful personal experiences.

  2. This has been an amazing week of learning. Realise what a wee island Ireland is in relation to this subject. Romanian gang particularly enlightening. It is not so much that Irish knowlege or my knowledge of interculturalism is slight it is just that it is not banged up against enough variety of experience. Our 2 trips out were also brilliant for bringing the subject to life. I go back to Ireland with a clearer sensibility about how to encourage Gyreum to better host intercultural events – with greater vibrance with more naming of the reality of our hierarchies, our taking some privilages for granted in relation to others, Colum

  3. Hello all I am deeply effected by the meeting I am very thankful for everything. I am feeling bad because we are leaving today. It was an awesome experience to build a bridge and leave our stereotypes together. Everything has passed so quickly.
    Keep in touch please.

  4. Hello,

    Many thanks for meeting this lovely group, which I miss a lot. I am going to keep in touch with you and meet you hopefully in the coming months and years.

    I am still a bit puzzled whether I ‘ll succesfully be able to participate in our projects, because I am part of a non-formal group, which is not yet registered in ECAS. And that group is just starting and the future is yet unclear, although we have had that brainstorming event in the past where we came up with many ideas.

    And the fact that there is a deadline in 17.3 and I should somehow find participants.. or can I indeed come alone from Finland if somehow everything else fails?

    Nevertheless I am willing to take part in these projects somehow, because I can’t forget you and during last days I got transformed somewhat as a person, and it became clearer to my what I want to do with my future: This kind of project work, which goes beyond countries’ borders, or be involved in projects for making the world a better place.

    – Joni

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