Tue 11.2.


Brainstorming about the term “conflict” in the whole group.

Input from an expert: “For a constructive concept of conflicts”- and informations about the intercultural dimension of conflicts.

Questionaire about individual types of conflicts.

Evaluation of the first half of the seminar.


Excursion to “Werkstatt der Kulturen”; Input and discussion on transcultural work in the past 20 years.

Reflection of the Excursion

Visit of Regenbogenfabrik

3 thoughts on “Tue 11.2.

  1. The talk at Werkstatt der Kulturen was interesting because it gave festivals of diversity a new meaning in my mind, namely cultivating and showing traditional costumes, dance and music as forms of counter-reaction, as a means of becoming visible. Origins, whether they are denied or embraced, are never only a given state of being, but a constantly negotiable part of the own identity.
    An extract from Franz Fanon: http://burawoy.berkeley.edu/Reader.101/Fanon.I.pdf

  2. The place was amazing. It was very nice for me to see how Berlin changed (in a good way) a lot. They have very nice activities among old refugees They are tying to build bridges among the society. The exhibition gave me a clear picture of lifestyles of other people.

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