Thursday 10th March

On the 7th day of the Training course we tried artistic methods and participated in a graffiti workshop “ART&FUTURE WITHOUT WALLS”.The workshop was organized by organization called “Schoolclash” (facebook)

Before the workshop, all of us met in the green seminar room where we had the 12476397_1578661322451874_1846068137_nchance to know the organization “Schoolclash” better. We talked a bit about how the organization originated, what are they up to nowadays and street art in general. The presenter was really charismatic and we were excited to participate in the following activities.


After the introduction part, it was time to go to the “Schoolclash” premises where we were told about the following tasks. There were 3 col1081527_1578661262451880_179023422_nd war related topics, so we divided into 3 groups and each group had to fill in a piece of “wall”. In addition, everyone had a chance to make their personal artwork too. Before starting, we were briefly informed about the technique of street art. It was interesting to see how different groups chose different working methods. While 2 groups shared thoughts and tried to make them into one idea, other group decided that everyone can do as they wish and in the end their thoughts somehow connected.


Overall, the workshop went by really fast. Even at the beginning some people seemed skeptical, as the day went, they have immersed themselves in the creative process one way or another. In the afternoon, we set up a vernissage where each of us had a chance to tell the others about their artwork. The results were delightful. At the end of the workshop, we agreed that this method is good for bonding people and eliminating discomfort between them since people tend to relax and open up doing artistic things.

After the workshop, we once again gathered in the green seminar room where we were asked to fill in 4 sections (perspectives, places, metho12527755_1578661202451886_375295630_nds, objectives) and connect them together in board. By doing that, we understood how each 4 sections connects to each other. This was helpful not only for the following activities, but also for self-reflection since we were able to see the „final picture“ of everything we have done so far.

Before the evaluation, we started brainstorming about the in-between course projects we will have to carry out until the second part in Bucharest. It was inspiring to see other participants ideas and methods.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 10th March”

  1. Milda, this is so cool. You also told us you do comics and that you would like to make them more political. Do you have any themes or characters in mind? it would be a very cool method and we would love to translate your art in Romanian as well. (Marina)

    1. I have a comics workshop idea on the Lavener Scare topic. Once I’ll get the permission from LGL and know the exact date, I’ll make a post about it explaining further details. Thank you for the feedback!

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