Inclusion and Exclusion of minorities in Cold War Romania

Textile Factory Tricodava, Bucharest (1976). The factory, like other factories in Bucharest, employed a significant amount of roma women, as the regime’s policy of forced proletarianization went into effect. Photo courtesy of Urban_Roma.

Topic & Content:

The situation of minority groups, in particular Roma integration and exclusion, and social attitudes during the Communist regime. During such a workshop, we can shed some light on the policies of the Communist regime involving the minority groups of Romania, and examine the narratives of the regime and the outcomes that can be felt today.

Pedagogical goal and methodology:

The pedagogical goal of this action is to deconstruct the historical narrative of the former regime, which was one of “proletarian unity”, and show the failures of integration and exclusion of minorities during the Communist regime which still have grave repercussions today and can be found standing as the bedrock of hate and discrimination.

Target group:

The focus will be on minority groups, and in particular policies regarding Roma integration.


Open discussion could be a good way for addressing such a workshop, or maybe fishbowl discussion, any suggestions are welcomed.

Timetable and milestones:

April – May could be used as time for historical research, interviews and gathering of information from various sources.

July-August setting up the workshop in different venues and seeing feedback.

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