Architecture in Bucharest: a mixture of times

Topic & Content:

Bucharest is not a uniformed city. From blocs to old mansions, we can observe the various historical ‘stratum’ and the ideology behind each building. The idea would be to reflect on the marks of History in Bucharest’s architecture and urbanism: how the city is dealing with its past? are the building from communist era erased? what about the old houses that were nationalised during communist times and are now uninhabited and threatened to degradation?

Pedagogical goal and methodology:

The pedagogical goal of this action is -for foreigners- to discover a post-communist city and see how this period marked the city. Architecture reflects the ideology of a specific period of time. With this research, participants can also understand better what was a communist regim in Romania and how people deal with these buildings today.

There will be two different steps :

– First, the idea is to walk through the city and ask them to take pictures every time they see a building that seems to be from the communist era/ Or any other building that they seem to be interesting to talk about.

– Visits: the plan would be to visit the House of the People and/or Ceausescu’s Villa. We will try to answer to some questions: how are they used today? would they use them in another way? What Romanian people think about it?

Target group:

The target group is a group of foreigners coming from foreign countries (Poland, Portugal, France)


Discussions on pictures taken, open discussion.

Timetable and milestones:

May- the participants will come in Bucharest in order to make a short documentary about a old house used as artists’ residency and architecture in Bucharest. Besides, I would like to make this project in order to go further into the subject.

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