Wednesday 19 October – Theatre day

This day was a really interesting day for us. We learn a lot of methods about impro theatre, and we act… a lot!

First of all, Kyriakos, our participant from Greece, organized a workshop in the Open Space about Impro Theatre.

He teached us many methods and games about this topic, very useful to work with refugees, migrants, children…

This day, was a sunny sunny day!


In the afternoon, we had the visit of Myrthe, expert in theatre. Her workshops was really inspiring!

We started to prepare a performance for the next day in Museumplain and Vondelpark. This one, using Invisible Theatre Method.

A really motivating day!!!

The Youthpass – A (Self-) Evaluation tool of Erasmus+

Erasmus+ Youth offers the Youthpass as a tool for self-accessment, reflection and recognition of learning results.

You can find more details under these links:


World Café method

“The “World Café” is a structured conversational process intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the “collective intelligence” or collective wisdom in the room. […] the focus is on exploring and innovating on themes rather than on problem-solving.The format is principally designed as a forum for creative or open thinking and is not suited to scenarios where there is a predetermined answer or solution.” (Wikipedia)

More detailed information about the facilitation method and its principles, see here.

Critical Whiteness

Here is some video material Lawrence gave us as an addition to the critical whiteness workshop.

  • Jane Elliott on the Oprah Winfrey Show (1992) about the „Blue Eyed Brown Eyes Exercise“, colorblindness and critical whiteness
    Part 1, 09:00 min. | Part 2, 8:40 min.
  • Tim Wise on White Privilege/White Club (09:30 min.) >>> on youtube
  • BBC Documentary on Namibian Genocide (1h) >>> on vimeo
  • Molefi Kete Asante: „Decolonising Universities“ >>> on youtube
  • Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: “Survining Racism in the 21th Century”
    Part 1, 15:00 min. | Part 2, 15:00 min.

Initiatives in Berlin / Germany

One of the oldest self-organized refugee protest network: The Voice Refugee Forum (partly English, partly German site):

About the protests at Oranienplatz: You can also view the “Movement magazine” published by activists of that protest (articles also in English):

International women space:

Borderline Europe – Human rights without borders (monitoring, documentation, networking):

Action Research Intiviatives

Social inclusion & empowerment / Intercultural garden project “Die Gärtnerei” |

Borders – historical and current / Theatre project “We are the Play” | About the theatre & performance platform ‘Sisyphos der Flugelefant’:
About the performance ‘We are the play’:
About the project ‘Berlin Bound’:

Education & conselling / Al-Dar e.V. | (only in German)

Work & inclusion / Bakery Bantabaa & Café Varadinek | – another interesting project: Cucula – refugees company for crafts and design (

political action, empowerment & art / “Refugee Club Impulse” & “My Right is Your Right” | Refugee Club Impulse:,
‘My right is your right’:
other interesting projects: Centre for political beauty “The Dead are Coming”, “First fall of the European Wall”