Statue Theatre

Issues addressed:

Trying out a theater method referred to the topic Climate Change.


The participants get to know a theatre method, which helps to express and show emotions through bodylanguage. Besides this, it has a high fun factor (also for the audience during public actions).

The participants have to cooperate in this exercise, it` s also about teambuilding and improving social interactions.

Time: 1 hour.

Group Size: 5-25 persons

Material: None

Preparation: None


The exercise is one technique of image theater, without speaking. It`s about creating sculptors together, in small groups (from 4-6 persons). The task for the different smallgroups is, to build “freezing pictures” with different questions:

  • How does Climate Change look like?
  • How do humans react?
  • How will the consequences of climate change be for animals?
  • What can be done against against climate change?

The smallgroups have a few minutes time to arrange themselves. When the picture is finished, they have to freeze for 30 seconds.

Variation: The audience is whatching the statue of the smallgroup and single persons have the chance to change something in the picture, if they alternate a person of the group-picture and bring another movement in this statue instead.

Role of the facilitator: Guidance through the exercises, whatching out for the time.

Evaluation of the method/comments: The Participants have the chance to overcome personal difficulties in relating to arts and physical contact through playing. But it` s important, that the persons who should build the statue in the smallgroup are not chosen from the facilitator, but that they do it

voluntary. Shy persons who are afraid of acting in front of a group, shouldn `t be forced to to this.

Collection of other ideas for creative actions:

  • Street Theater
  • Clownsarmy
  • Forum Theater
  • Communication Guerilla
  • Critical Mass
  • Reclaim Streets Actions
  • Installations
  • Flash Mobs

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