General Information

This Training will take place in our Guest-house in the Culture and Education Center KuBiZ in Berlin-Wei├čensee.

The course will include the following aspects:

We` ll start with lectures and discussions of the causes and effects of climate change, including their ecological and social consequences, (e.g. migration of climate refugees from the South to Europe). Afterwards we`ll move on to trying out various interactive methods from our own work experience that deal with this subject. We`ll bring together a variety of methods used in youth and adult education and put them to the test.

Afterwards we change and develop them and then compile the best of them into a catalog of effective approaches. We will be using this in our own further work in political education, but will also make it available to a wider public by placing it on the Internet.

We expect participants from Portugal, Italy, Finland, Turkey and Germany. As far as possible they should already have some experience in the field of political and/or ecological education, but some may be people who are interested in working in it in the future.

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