Berlin-Tourism field research

Field research on Tourism, climate change and sustainability


Berlin is one of the most favorite touristical spots in Europe.

Tourists and Congress-Delegates spent more than 182 Million Person-nights in Berlin in 2011. 76% of them where daytrips.

The average time of the hotel-visitors in Berlin was 2,3 days in 2011.

The gross volume of the tourism-industry in Berlin in 2011 was more than 10 Billions of Euros, with growth-rates of up to 10% per year.

More than 40% of the hotel-guests came from foreign countries. Biggest group from UK, followed by USA and Italy. Each Tourist and Congress-Visitor spends more than 200€ per day in average in Berlin.

Ten Million visitors spent in 2011 22 Millions Nights in Hotels in the town. In the last ten years the tourist-numbers have been more than doubled. Berlin is Europe’s number three in Town-Tourism after London and Paris.

Hotel prices in Berlin are very cheap – nearly half of the average hotel-prices in London.

The Berlin Airports reached 2012 the 25 millions passenger-mark, even with the old airports running over and above their maximum capacity.

Traffic is one of the most important reasons for climate change. One fifth is caused by traffic in Germany.

In comparison the bus is the most climate-friendly way of motorized traveling. Number two is the railway, with a big distance followed by the car and then the plane, that is ten times more climate-destructive than the Bus. If you consider the other toxical dangers like fine dust pollution, the car and the plane are as well the most destructive ways of traveling.


The Questions are:

Do tourists think about that problems?

Do day make decisions regarding that issue?

What are tourists expecting from their trips to Berlin and do they reach it?


We want to get further information about that. It’s your task to go to some touristical spots and ask the people in short interviews.


1. Why did you come to Berlin?

2. What do you want to do here?

3. How long are you staying?

4. Are you on a round-trip?

5. Which transportation did you use to get here?

6. Did you think about environmental questions concerning your trip?


=> If you like, you can use a audio-recorder and/or a photo-camera additionally.

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