The experience of the first day

I can divide today in two part: theoretical and practical.
1)The first hours of our hours were  about  history of Berlin as a separated city and it was very good to repeat and to get to know more with aspects of life during the cold war period

2)And the second one is practical
It was my first time visiting the prison and ,being surprised by myself,I’m not horrified a lot.This prison seems to me like other ordinar prison without ability to see other world(because of windows).In my mind, we have something like that in Russia nowadays(but with good windows and toilets),but I’m not sure,of course.Despite that I was wondering by “relaxing  room” and the toilet in the center of cell….It is awful.WP_001810

All in all I’am very satisfied with my day,because I don’t think that I would be able to get those knowledges and expereince in some other place

So thank you a lot : )

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