Yesterday was a the 25. anniversary of the fall of wall.This day left in my mind unforgettable feelings.
In the morning we were looking for different memorable places in Berlin in a small groups.With my group I was at the Checkpoint Charlie and in the German central museum.
I have lots of feelings because of those places and,of course,they are good.
After researching city we met together with others groups and went to cultural events.And it’s also was very interesting and unusual for me
There were a thousands of people,there was a huge crowd,but because of that I got feeling that it’s really a big holiday and day in the history if German.
We have been near the center,when ballons were going in the sky and it was unbelievable to stay there,to be part of history

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I'm a typical tall brown South-Asian, sub-continental Indian, people call it "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". I study Master of Global Studies at University of Freiburg. Currently, I'm writing my thesis on "Language in Education"

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