Trouble making dilemmas: taking part at the East-West seminar

Like many human beings, I like confort: that of a warm pillow, of good food and of familiar ideas, which I can easily handle. That’s why on a winter day, I choose to stay inside, at warmth, instead of going out in the cold, and that’s also why I rarely get out of my intellectual confort zone, preferring to keep my world view as it is.

But sometimes you need to get out in the cold and to confront ideas which seem rather trouble making, and learn something, if possible. Taking part at the Training “Remembrance of the European East-West conflict” in Berlin can be a good opportunity of shaking some old ideas and making place for a few dilemmas about how we remember the history, what do we remember and how this relates to the present.

So just like the picture says, Achtung, Sie verlassen jetzt Ihre Komfortzone. Hopefully.


4 thoughts on “Trouble making dilemmas: taking part at the East-West seminar

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