Day in West Berlin

As usually our day started in the green room. The activity was dedicated to Romania and deconstructing of identities. I liked open discussion after the method and the way in how the women who gave the lecture communicated with auditory. For example, when we were on the Houses of democracy, I didn’t liked the way in which the guide communicated with us because of his posture and body language ( almost all the time he kept his hands crossed on his chest). Later we visited the West Berlin for the first time. We had the guided tour, I think it was great but it took too much time because in the end of the tour people were distracted. But it was worth to visit all the places because guide told us about the objects, gave us interesting details, showed pictures from West Berlin and her communication with us wasn’t constrained. It was really exciting method because we can not only see some details, buildings in photos but also to compare the way in which that was changed or not changed till nowadays.

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