When the days were cold and hard to endure, humor warmed up the lives of many.

” The presidential couple (from Romania) was traveling by helicopter towards Bucharest. The wife said :”Look Nick, what beautiful rivers we have…” . ”No, woman! (the president replyed). Those are highways…”. But the pilot, in his mind ”You idiots, those are ques…!”

One woman goes into a store. Surprised that she managed to get inside without waiting at an endless que, she starts looking around. Left. Right. Behind the cashier… Then she asks : ”You don’t have bread?” ” Nooo, here we don’t have eggs. In the shop next door they don’t have bread…”

Still, we should not ignore the reasons why life got to this kind of absurd moments… Briefly, most of the products were going towards export, in order to cover the debts the country accummulated in the previous 30 years (loans and war penalties towards USSR).  And while on paper the situation seemed balanced (there’s enough food for export and also for the population – *information that was regularly checked by field visits by the President), the reality was different. A lot different. And those who are to blame for the situation created in the 80s are still pulling the strings in our politics today.

Officialy, the external debt of Romania fully payed in the 80s was of about 21 billion US dollars. Paid with huge sacrifices by the population. But today, the debt has well passed 100 billion Euros… And is increassing, day by day.


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