The 5. day

We were divided in small groups,as usual and I appreciate it a lot.The topic in our group was “propaganda”.Unfortunatelly,I can’t say that was really involved in the discussion-for some reason I fell myself uncomfortable.Anyway discussion was interesting,we had mostly the same points of viewes.We were talking about target group in age between 16-20 years old and how to teach those young people.
The obvious thing for all of us was that propaganda like phenomenon will never disappear.It will alvays exist,but in different ways.
After that we were going to two different places,which were interesting in other way.
The first one was the home of democracy and for me it was something new,because I have never faced with those organizations before.
The second place I love more,anyway.
For me it was a small excursion to other time ,what was unexpectable.I like his maner of speeking.For me it was great,thathis spoke in mother-tongue.I didn’t understand,but I fell his emotions,which is very important for understanding person’s relation.For me it was all in all great:atmosphere,place and the man,which talked with us

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