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Hohenschönhausen: a memorial place

Our first day of training starts with the visit of Hohenshönhausen, the most important GDR Stasi prison and, now, a fundamental place of remembrance and memory. In 1994 the build becomes a museum and, since  then, with many guides and eyewitness, is visited everyday by a lot of people.  I was impressed by the way everything has been museum-exhibited, as it were frozen in time: cells, interrogation rooms, corridors.Only a cafe and few information image

board bring us back to reality. Also the private memory of the witnesses, I think, is usefull to drive visitor in a sort of estrangement. Visitors feel deeply touched and they don’t want forget the conditions in which the detainees were and the deep injustices that were the basis for arrests and convictions.  This is the reason, in my opinion,  of museification of a place like this: touch the reality of what has been and remember.