As a non-profit association solar e.V. (“social life and work”), we have been active in the field of political education, culture and neighborly self-help for more than 10 years. The association was founded in the founding process of the Culture and Education Centre Raoul Wallenberg in Berlin Weißensee, in order to offer initiatives and individuals a basis for political and cultural engagement. Educational work against exclusion and discrimination and for self-determined, participatory and hierarchical perspectives has always been a special concern of ours.

Why do we do educational work?
Social and ecological problems are currently getting worse and worse.
The current shift to the right in Germany (or throughout Europe) is worrying. Racism is becoming more and more socially acceptable in this country. At the same time, many structurally disadvantaged or war-affected people are desperately trying to flee to Europe and thousands are dying in the Mediterranean. An unbearable condition.
In addition, the catastrophic environmental and social impacts of climate change on our world are becoming increasingly clear. (Which is already evident in some countries of the global South as well as the rich countries of the Global North).
Given the variety of problems, we have the impression that more and more people are resigned and feel powerless. We would like to counteract this. We do not just want to stop at analysis, but develop action strategies together in order to be active on different levels.

Our topics
We offer a wide range of workshops, seminars and meetings. In doing so, we address ecological issues, democracy and participation, global learning and (post-) colonialism, as well as anti-racism, gender and anti-discrimination issues at local, national and international level. The goal of our political education work is to learn together in a pleasant atmosphere. We use interactive methods such as discussion and positioning exercises, games, interactive inputs, readings, group work, theatre, painting, films and excursions.

Working methods and goals
Our education team of political scientists and education scientists work in a collective non-hierarchical form. This also characterizes our educational work. We work in particular with methods of non-formal education. Learners’ competences and experiences are included in the learning process as well as experiences gained through the application of creative and playful educational methods.
Diversity, inclusion and diversity in a transcultural society are for us orientation and goal points of the educational work. The direct contact, the encounter and learning through critical self-reflection and an examination of one’s own attitude provide the basis for the transfer of knowledge in our educational work.

Methodical approaches
Postcolonial and intersectional approaches provide a central framework for our educational work. Accordingly, we work multi-dimensionally towards oppressive conditions, privileges and social positioning. For example, gender aspects become just as visible as social status and skin colour. Defining the global relationships in post-colonial societies and thus also incorporating global privileges, power structures and oppressive structures completes a diverse and complex learning process and makes it possible to show action perspectives at various levels.