Logo OBUK e.V. Berlin

Since eight years the Berlin Cultural and Educational Association Förderverein Offene Bildung Umwelt Kultur e.V. (OBUK) deals with the political and cultural education projects e.g. in the areas of environmental education, anti-racist education, writing workshops on a cross-generational level. For two years the association runs the ecological seminar and guest house “tagungswerk” (meeting factory) in the cultural and educational center Raoul Wallenberg in Berlin Weissensee. Read more about the work of our partner here or take a look at OBUK’s events in our common calendar.



Trixiwwiz Logo

Since 2003 Trixiewiz e.V. is engaged in various transcultural orientated projects promoting equal opportunities for all genders and cultures. Critically questioning the hierarchies in gender and global noth/south relations, Trixiewiz commits itself to a dialogue on eye level. Their projects range from cultural events, campaigns to educational work, e.g. empowerment trainings for refugees.