Aktuelle Veranstaltungen

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über die kommenden Veranstaltungen – durchgeführt von uns und unserem Kooperationspartner OBUK e.V. Für die Inhalte der OBUK-Veranstaltungen ist OBUK e.V. selbst verantwortlich.

    INTERNATIONAL TRAINING: Water is Life – Education on Water & Sustainability
    Sep 22 – Okt 1 ganztägig

    Following the title “Water is Life – Educational Approaches on Water and Sustainability”, we will try out educational approaches and methods for 10 days. We will discover and exchange methods which will enable the participants to cover the various dimensions (ecological, economic, social and political, human rights) of the topic “water & sustainability” in their educational day-to-day work. The training strongly focuses on getting to know different pedagogical approaches in a direct manner. Thus, the participants will have the opportunity to try out, evaluate and discuss a variety of methods: a simulation game, excursions and guided tours, nutrition based on a sustainability index, as well as other interactive & non-formal methods which are tied to intercultural, environmental and outdoor education. In addition, participants will be taught background and basic knowledge about water and sustainability.

    The training is aimed at full-time and voluntary youth workers (32 participants) from Germany, Romania, Albania, Slovakia, Serbia, Tunisia, Finland and Italy, especially those who are invested in environmental education.

    More information: www.obuk-ev.org