Foster young life in rural areas – learn from the past, create for the future

29. July – 9th August 2023 in Gurro (Italy)
Available (only) for residents from Italy, Germany and Austria!

We invite trainers, youth workers and youth activists interested in reflecting about and bringing progress and living perspectives for young people into rural areas to apply for a two-part training workshop. The first activity will take place between the 29th July and the 9th August 2023 in the Verbania-Ossola (North-Italy) area and the second is going to follow next year in Germany.
Using creative learning methods we want to exchange about the challenges for young people, which result from the rural exodus, the dying of many mountain villages, exploitation of nature and a cultural and social decline on the one hand and the growing desire of many young city dwellers for a life close to nature in the countryside on the other hand.
How can we discover, elaborate and expand practices of social and ecological and sustainable transformation? What is supporting quality of life in the rural areas and how can we contribute to breaking down social and economic barriers and make rural areas more attractive and liveable for young people again? How is youth in rural areas specifically affected by the menace of climate change and environmental protection. Working on these questions we want to enable ourselves to support the creation of inclusive spaces and to promote diversity.
On all this topics we will provide non-formal learning opportunities and best practice social working approaches. We want to learn from each other and together as well as self-reflect and critically analyse our work in our environments. Learning from each other and using this expérience to improve our work locally.
If you want to be part of this process with us, we would ask you to fill out our application-form.

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