Is the past obscuring the present?

Participants at the seminar are from various European countries, so each has a different perspective on the East-West conflict. Each brought a picture which he/she relates to the conflict, in a personal way and has to talk about it. The list of topics touched upon is big and colourful: Ceausescu’s huge celebrations in the 80s, Radio Free Europe, the Finlandization process, the rebranded Romanian chocolate with rum and so on. It’s all about the past and how the conflict mirrored in various events and details.

But then Sarah, a German participant, introduces a whole new pespective. She presents the Political Beauty project, belonging to a group of artists who pointed out that the even though the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, many walls still exist today, which are being ignored: the Spanish-Moroccan fences, Us-Mexico border etc.

The discourse focusing on the celebration of the past is problematic because it leaves aside the dimension of the present. And because it tricks us into believing that history=past.


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