on rememberance: the enigmatic narratives of history



This is part of a larger story. But firstly, this is a foreward of an evolving story of (my)self.

I want to say that maybe I will not write a post everyday (obviously, this is my first lines in 4 days). Not because I don’t  like the idea, but basically because all we consider, learn, discuss,  here, on the seminar about “Rememberance of The European East West Conflict: Pedagocical Approaches for dealing with history and its current consequences” are very intense topics. I just felt during these first 3 days that I need more time of reflection than I was thinking at the beggining and that “the historical/ cultural iceberg” it’s showing me more and more its hights and also its depths.

The process of discovering that non-linear, anti-hegemonic discourses are vital for our understanding of the past and the complex socio-political reality around us,  had started and shall be continued…

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