I cannot think at something more relevant than University Square , Bucharest, when talking about culture of remembrance in Romania.

And this song .

University square is that place, or rather space, that encircles, in post-communism history, all the major democratic events beginning with the ’89 revolution and ,hopefully not, finishing with last year’s protests regarding Rosia Montana mining project. Here people had shouted, had sung, had laughed, got beaten, had died. Crosses and plaques mark the place. During the year the image shifts from place of commerce (flower stands, flea market) to advertising holidays (Christmas or Easter decorations and market). And why it shouldn’t be like this?

Is the space of remembrance democratized or not?



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  1. seems like the space is not sacred, at least. which i think is positive, because this way it links past (remembrance of past events that took place here), present (everyday life), and future (demonstrations expressing desires for changes)! when memorials and historic sites lose their connection to the present, they become either forgotten, or empty shells which lack meaning.

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