The first performance,  which was about Romania and West, was amazing.Comparisons,which Marina(the member of our group and teacher in this topic) made using different tools like pictures,discussions and games were ideal for me.As for me, the game,when we were writing one  world per person after that  mixing all words together  and at the end every person took randomly one of words and said to which part of Europe(East-West) he/she related this words.This game was more than perfect, because it included at the same time stereotypes,different points of viewes on the same topic and helped us to impove,showing the results in the end.
During evening we had a good tour in some regions on West-Berlin.Firstly,I was very surprised when we were able to see the place,where Kennedy took his famous speech  with words”Ich bin ein Berliner”.

For me this place historical and it was a great idea to visit it.The line during the hole tour was clear.Our guid was answering all questions and also it was amazing,that she has own opinion to this being part of West-Germany.
Maybe I’ll more interesting to listen more about our last station at the church,rather that stay for too long at the Poztdamer Platz because after 5 minutes for me was very difficalt to concentrate because of bright  lights  and the noize from shops.But all in all tour  was full of useful information like story of the West radiostations and ordinary life,which made the tour cognitive.

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I'm a typical tall brown South-Asian, sub-continental Indian, people call it "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". I study Master of Global Studies at University of Freiburg. Currently, I'm writing my thesis on "Language in Education"

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