20. Nov.

10:00 Input and Discussion: Not comparable or equalization? About the discussion of the relation of GDR/USSR and NS

15:00 Visiting the Ostkaufhaus “Ostpaket” (“department store of the East”)

17:00 Visiting the “Café Sybille” at Karl-Marx-Allee

20:00 Interim evaluation of the training

21: 00 Watching a movie about the topic: “Das Leben der Anderen”


4 thoughts on “20. Nov.

  1. This day made me realize that the displying of all that East culture meant in the past in all these museums, shops and so on is just deepening the gape between East and West Berlin as it maintains still present the idea of separation and also another kind of “wall”

  2. The discussions in the morning dealing with “totalitarianism” placed the East-West conflict in perspective once again from a pedagogical perspective. Having to answer closed questions with a high degree of generalization was problematic. It’s a method that can be used well in order to provoke strong reactions in the participants, as it is both inviting and, at the same time, frustrating, as it offers no real alternatives, but general/stereotipical views that one can strictly agree or disagree with.

  3. This day and the shared experiance of people from other countries made me feel connected concerning the cold war times. I was suprised to see how similar stories of differend countries were, and somehow feld better knowing that Poland

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