21. Nov.

10:00 Exercise: The participants countries of origins with their diversity of cultures of remembrance: participants show pictures/ photographies that they relay to the culture of remembrance in their country and that are connected to Europe´s separation & experiences with dictatorships/ authoritarian political systems. Telling the story/ies of that pictures.

14:00 Input: About the transition from communicative to cultural memory

15:00 Work in small groups: Developing pedagogical concepts for the year 2100 in which there won´t be any contemporary witnesses anymore. presentation and discussion of the results

2 thoughts on “21. Nov.

  1. The exercise on creating pedagogical methods for 2100 showed that we are able to incorporate methods that we learnt during the workshop from trainers and from each other. I was impressed by one team’s exercise that gives participants the role of the oppressor and the oppressed in real situations and on particular themes, such as politics, economy etc.
    You can find my presentation here: http://prezi.com/70tgfex69ly7/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

  2. Regarding the culture of remembrance, even though it is a lot to be said I just want to put it simple as in my presentation and say it that as it happens with the creation of the shops, it can be expressed with the help of different products, images and memories. As to express the presence of East-West differences, I will do it with the help of a comparison (Even though it concerns Germany and China it can be also applied to many other similar countries).

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