22. Nov.

10:00 Input and exercise with methods from “Anti-Bias”

15:00 Guided tour through the Wall-memorial-place of “Bernauer Straße”

17:00 Visiting “Kirche von Unten” (KVU) – A former GDR-Dissidents-Group / Talk with an eye-witness


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  1. The Anti-Bias workshop was a very valuable experience. It helped us challange our own preconceptions and internalized stereotypes and see what exterior forces are connected to them. It was an invitation to acknowledging one’s own privileges and positive stereotypes that we conveniently tolerate about ourselves. It called for constant reflection and critical thought. It promoted the empowerment of the targets by deconstructing the discourse of the oppressor. An extremely effective workshop that planted seeds. Thank you!

  2. Today was once again a very intensive day!
    I enjoyed a lot the inputs and the methods from Anti-Bias that Beate gave us.

    I appreciated the guided tour at the Berlin Wall Memorial by Angelika and particularly the conversation with her after at KvU.

    It was a very good idea to walk until the restaurant so there has been the occasion of getting in touch with what remains of the subcultural life of the 90ies in the districts of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg.
    Just a very few are left.
    The words of the guy at KvU showed clearly that there is no interest to maintain and support cultural experiences dated back before 1989 and initiated in the GDR . The discourse bases on the caesura represented by that year itself.
    Continuities are a disturbing element.

    Great dinner!

  3. First of all, I must say I really enjoyed the anti-bias workshop I found it very useful from many perspectives.
    The bad weather built a “wall” between me(at least) and “Bernauer Straße”. The KvU was interesting, but totally irrelevant in my humble opionion, because I can’t see any difference between a member of this kind of movement living in East Berlin and one from London for example. They are both outcasted from the mainstream living and thinking and will also never adapt to society(any kind of society). I would have enjoyed more talking with people who suffered because of their political views not because they placed themselves outside society.

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