Pictures Journey


We were divided into  differents small groups.Each group had 5 people, where everyone in the group had to present the pictures made in relation to migration.
My group was composed by:

1. Me (Imelda): I showed pictures in relations with my integration ( picture of myself in the World youth conference ion Trieste 2015) and 3 others pictures about arrival by sea of people in Italy.

2. Abdel: His pictures showed his work, supporting a Syrian family with translation, housing search, administrative procedures,etc… But also his participation within a training course in Spain to discuss youth challenges in the arabic and European countries.
3. Luisia: Her pictures showed her work within Roma people (Kids and families).
4. Marieke: Her pictures shows Family and Friends from Syrian and other.
5. Matteo: His pictures showed his work in the migration field.
6. Tania: pictures showed her work in the migration field.
7. Raluca: Her pictures showed racism in Italy. Migrant in Italy from Romania don’t manage to have friends. (Senegal migrants in Italy are the best).
8. Anita: Volunteering in migrant center in Sicily.

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