Last day impressions

It’s the last day of the training course “Dealing with Migration”.  It has been an intense experience which has allowed all the participants to get together from all over Europe, to work and discover the topic of migration. It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be empowered and to have the chance to be more aware of different aspects of this reality. Twenty five people from seven  European countries  and different backgrounds  shared best practices and ideas on the topic of migration. Non formal  education activities and all the informal time that we shared brought us surprises and insights about other people’s cultures. In this time of globalization and of cultural homogeneity it was good to discover the differences and the richness of our cultures which represent one of the best resources for Europe and the world.

Now it’s time for us to say goodbye and to take back what we have learned and hopefully be active in our own countries.

Let’s see what some of the participants have to say about the experience!

Tanja – Trainer from Solar e.V.

The training had a good impact on me. I also learned some new aspects about the topics also from the participants of the different countries. It was also enriching on a personal level because the atmosphere was really great! We would like to continue also in the future on the topic of migration and continue networking with the organization from different countries.


Olivera  – Participant from Serbia


It was really good, interesting. I looked at migration from a macro level and I saw that different countries have similar issues dealing with colonial past and their own racism, xenophobia, islamophobia and how these issues intersect.  We all have the same fight and we should network and share our experiences and examples of good practices. I am glad we had some days when we had to question our position and privileges and it was very important that we understand that all people are racists.

Olivian – Participant from Romania


The workshop was really insightful and gave me certain perspectives I didn’t have in the past. The activities were great and very useful, and after this course I’m thinking of adapting some new techniques I learned here to start new workshops in my home country on the topics of migration, racism, classism, xenophobia. Also, the organizers created a true safer space, and the participants bonded on such a great level, that we felt comfortable enough to start a slow process of deconstruction. This was an unforgettable experience.

Matteo – Participant from Italy


I really liked the organization, the richness of the topics and all the points of view I had the opportunity to know. I go back home with a lot of inputs, thoughts and with a positive energy that I will implement in my activism with migrants. The atmosphere we managed to create was really helpful and was very important for the work we did together. Apart from these very positive things, during these days sometimes I had the feeling  that something important was missing and now writing this comment I realize that we didn’t have the possibility to focus and go deeper in the topics because of the full schedule.


Megi – Participant from Georgia


The training course was a great European experience for me. Georgia is a developing country, so it is very important for us to learn from the examples and experiences of other countries.  It was a great opportunity to see different ways of dealing with migrations, problems and challenges that our countries are faced with.
The training was well organized with lots of interesting information, exercises and activities. I am going to miss Kubiz, our wonderful group and the trainers.

Abdel – Participant from France


The training course was really a great opportunity for me to discover new cultures and nice people from different countries. It has allowed me to gain a lot of competences that will help me in my professional and personal life. Also, the program was really interesting and well organized, and it has given us the opportunity to share our experiences and to learn from each other.  In a few words, it was a fabulous experience, we became a small family and I will miss all the participants , and I d like to wish them good luck and all the best !

Marie – Participant from the Netherlands


This training course has shown me how many people are willing to make a change in this world and how we can connect knowledge, experiences and our passions for making change. Connecting with people from different nationalities and backgrounds brings new perspectives in the topic of migration and it has taught me a lot about the essential need of deconstructing mainstream perceptions that feeds exclusion, racism and xenophobia. I am inspired and motivated to use the methods and the discussions we developed and to apply them in my work and in my daily life. The group became very close and it would be wonderful to meet up in the future to see where this course has brought us…