Wishes and Fears

There after we did the activity “wishes and fears” during which we were invited to write in cards our expectations toward the training course and also our fears.

In fact, as examples of expectations that the participants have mentioned, we can state the followings:

  • Discover new cultures
  • Share experiences
  • Acquire new competences and pedagogical methods
  • Etc

And among the participants fears we can highlights:

  • Conflicts between participants
  • Misunderstanding and personal judging
  • Etc

Welcome and references

We have started the day by the presentation of the participants in order to get to know each others. In fact , each participant has introduced him or herself, his/her background , academic studies , and his/her previous experiences related to the topic of the training course or other fields.

Also we have organized funny games between participants in order to have more energy during the day, and also for getting to know each other much better.