Welcome and References Wishes and fears

Welcome time!

I remember again my first lesson in primary school, teaching us about the rules of politeness

Greetings and presentations are two important things before to start any activities in groups or in society. This promotes and facilitates community life, especially when we are called to work and to live for a long period in group. It’s also a way to break down barriers between participants themselves but also between organizers and paricipants to allow familiarity between people.

This part allowed everyone to express his expectations and fears related  to the training. It’s in this atmosphere that we express ours fears and expextations, receiving encouragements from the organizers.

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Imran Khan

I'm a typical tall brown South-Asian, sub-continental Indian, people call it "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". I study Master of Global Studies at University of Freiburg. Currently, I'm writing my thesis on "Language in Education"