What is migration?

We were divided in 3 differents groups and each group should give his own definition of the term migration.

Groupe 1

– Migration it’s a personal or forced decision. It’s a movement of persons with the intension to settle (time) for a motivation(families reasons, the economie , religions, wars,etc…)
Group 2

– It’s a movement to a new area or a country to find better living or conditions.
Group 3

– People moving ( forced or voluntarily).

According to the UNESCO, Migration is Crossing of the boundary of political or administrative unit for a certain minimum period of time”.

We have 2 formes of migrations:

  • Internal Migration
    – territorial movement which does not lead to any change in the social membership (eg. Turism).
    – Relocation in which the individualsa or the groups concernerd are purely passive objects (eg. Refugees).
  • International migrations

Migration started with the movement of the first human groups from the East Africa to their locations in Europe. We have differents types:

1- Temporary labor migrants (tourists)
2- Highly skilled and business migrants ( for work)
3- Irregular migrants ( clandestins)
4- Forced migrants (refugees).

-It’s a movement of people for one place to another with the intention of new location (temporarily or permanent).
!: Nomadic movements are normally not considered as migration, because they don’t have the intension to settle. E.g. Roma people.

• The temporary movement of people for the purpose of travel, tourism, pilgrimages, etc.. is not regarded as migration.

• Mobility experiencemap

Mark on the map all the places where you have been (holidays, tourisms, travel, etc …).

Europe and America remains the continents most sought for migrations.The Principals reasons are:

1. Bad or lack ( of )informations about other part of the world,
2. geopolitical issues,
3. The Lack of financial ressources to explore elsewhere.

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