Interim project Michele – Young Students Meet Refugees


The project aims at raising awareness on refugee related issues on 17-18 y.o. students leaving in a small town without many opportunities of intercultural exchanges.

Recognizing that Italian youth have a very limited knowledge on refugee related issues, mostly acquired by different kinds of media, but rarely get the chance to meet a refugee and look at each others in the eyes, the project wants to sensitize youth and create meeting opportunities. By facilitating the process of getting-to-know-each-other and sharing information and knowledge, we expect young Italian students to develop a a deeper understanding of problems affecting refugees, as well as acknowledging the similarities connecting people, regardless of their nationality, religion and legal status.

3 classes of about 20 students each are involved in the project, which envisages 4 meetings for every class. The first 2 meetings are designed to provide the students with some basic information about the international refugee crisis and the Italian context. During the last 2 meetings the students have the opportunity to meet a few refugees currently leaving in nearby areas. The students are encouraged to interact with the refugees, asking them questions about their personal life, both in their countries of origin and the receiving countries.

At the end of the meetings the students will collaborate to create a video representing what they have learnt during the workshops and what they want to share with other youth. The video will be indeed posted in social media and be shown at public events.


Considering the target addressed, the project is based on a non formal education approach and the workshops are conducted in a participatory way, in order to actively involve the young students, especially during the sessions envisaging the participation of refugees.

Several methods including role plays and peer-to-peer discussions will be implemented in order to stimulate a debate and a real learning process. Eventually, we will make use of technological tools and software as a powerful instrument to express and share ideas.


The overall awareness raising goal of the project can be split into several minor objectives. We actually wish Italian students to be able to break the wall separating them from the migrants and go beyond the barriers imposed by society. Getting to know refugees and their backgrounds will open up their perspectives and it will make them change their mind in many different ways. We would also like them to be multipliers of the knowledge acquired in their personal contexts (e.g. family, friends…).

On the other hand, the project will foster social inclusion as it will enable refugees to get in contact with locals. That will make it easier for them to feel part of their new society.


Target groups of the project are 60 Italian students aged 17-18 and 5-6 refugees.


After every workshop session there will be time to discuss the methods and the contents and that will provide an immediate feedback from the students.  At the end of the project the teachers will be asked to evaluate the activities with their students.


May 2016 – 4 meetings for every class, once a week.

June 2016 – video making and editing


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