Information about the try-out phase

Here is the handout about the inbetween try-out phase as PDF-download.

Just another note about the blog: when you publish articles, don’t be irritated if you see a blank screen or a notification of an HTTP 500 error. Unfortunately the problem with our provider still exists.

restore-backupIf this occurs, just click your browser’s “Back”-button to get to the WordPress backend again and on „restore the backup“. Then your article or the changes you made should be displayed again.
Sorry for that inconvenience.

Some of you offered support that could be helpful for the realization of the projects during the interim phase. Thanks for that!
If you want to join/add anything, please post a comment below.

  • Elise: video edit / film – computer & internet security/privacy – DiY – funding – work at XminY Solidariteitsfonds
  • Hristo: video edit – graphic design – training and facilitating – event management
  • Diana: video edit – photo edit – good listener – graphic design – research – WP plattforms
  • Astrid: free printing for the recipe book – space in the multicultural festival for cultural manifestations
  • Julia: translation German <=> Arabic <=> English – writing concepts – networking in Berlin
  • Ilektra: methodology (N.F.E.) – art therapy & arts – theatre – research methodology – training and facilitation
  • Antonios: interviewing – filming – finding research participants
  • Marie: writing (in general) – drawings and illustrations – feedback & support on projects – artistic methods: theatre, circus (also networks in these fields) – work or feedback on work with children
  • Revi: possible funding methods in the Netherlands – network of all NGOs working on migration in the netherlands – written feedback on project plans – information on legal procedures in the Netherlands, lawyers, detention centres – info about undocumented migrants in the Netherlands
  • Jenny: webdesign & graphic design – preparing material for printing (flyer, booklets, PDF, logos)

The blog

Here is a detailed script on how to blog with WordPress. For the short cut:

  • This blog is structured via categories. If you want to publish a new post (say: about the action research method), please make sure to check the adequate category.
  • Please do not upload any video/audio material on our blog. This would exceed our upload file limit.
  • Please publish only your own material.
  • If you use pictures published under a CC-(Create-Commons) License, make a correct attribution in your post.
  • Sharing links (to videos, pdf-files etc.) is okay.