Saturday 30 April – First day impressions

We have just experienced our first day. We are all excited about a long term training. You can feel how everyone is interested to know each other, to know what they are doing, where they are working, etc. When you are part of a project like this, you start your travel with a lot of questions: will the people be interesting? What’s the background of the participants? Will it be productive? Will it be a good vibe?

Two participants gave me their first day impressions but I will write as a group thought. At the arrival we felt really good welcomed, some of those questions that we had at the beginning of the travel disappeared when we knew the participant’s background. Then we started to get excited about all the knowledge that participants have and all the possible collaborations and productive classes we can have.

The atmosphere is really cool, everyone wants to know each other, nobody is staying behind. We are really happy with the food and with the training schedule.

First activities of the day were the opening and training introduction. It was a little bit hard to start the personal presentations without energizers but the games we did made the situation easier and it was really great to have activities and games outside with a nice weather.

Evening activities were more focused on the migration topic: We started working in teams, defining migration with our personal photos. It was time to get more personal and intimate. For participants it was a nice opportunity to understand each other and have a moment of solidarity listening other stories.

Dimensions of migrations activity brought us to the complexity of the theme. We realized that we didn’t know how to define it, there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration. We felt that we don’t have enough time to discuss about the subject in our group to define the term but we agreed that it is not possible to define it exactly.

We have a lot of positive feelings and hopes about the training. We are eager to know what it’s coming and what we can make together!