Proposal interim project David – PreparAction for Intervention


First day in an outreach program can be difficult, fears and insecurity are common feelings between newcomers volunteers. To deal with problems as humman trafficking or difficult situations, new volunteers needs to have enough information, tools and resources.

This training is designed to provide materials, tools, resources and information not only about our programs and situations that we deal with. Furthermore it is necessary to inform about Health Rights, Gender and Human Rights Perspective.


This project will use non formal & formal learning methods.

Through formal methods newcomers will learn:

  • Human Rights perspective
  • Spanish law about prostitution, migrants health rights, health and legal procedures, health centers and local resources to refer, etc.

Non formal education methods:

  • Overcome bias
  • Rol play games to prepared them for real intervention


  1. Prepare new volunteers for outreach intervention:
    • Providing them with information, tools and knowledge about different issues and local resources.
    • Raise volunteers selfconfidence through different strategies and intervention methods
  2. Raise their awareness on issues they are going to face.

Around 25 new volunteers to be trained for outreach intervention

Evaluation form


End August: Non-formal methodologies and games adapated to our training and topics.
Mid-End September: Training with the volunteers

2 thoughts on “Proposal interim project David – PreparAction for Intervention”

  1. Hey David!
    Seems to be good structured.
    Did you already decide which anti-bias methods you will use during the course? How will you get in contact with the volunteers/multipliers? Do you have partner-organisations for that?
    Greetings, Jens

  2. Dear colleagues,

    After a really busy summer, I finally closed a training with Doctors of the World but it will be different because time and possibilities. After some talks with the person in charge of the volunteering and mobilization I’ll be facilitator on Monday in a introduction session with peer educators (african women that will be trained as a health promoters).

    Also I prepared some non formal education methodologies to be applied in a volunteering meeting that will be done in October but it will be applied by the person in charge of the volunteering and mobilization (we agreed that as I’m not volunteer or have any actual relation with this office it will be better to apply those methodologies by a worker of this office).

    Moreover we are preparing some activities in schools next January and I will apply non formal education methodologies in a session to raise awareness about different topics.

    As it will be a different project I will post another one. 🙂

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