Monday 17 October – Project presentations, studio Yalla and Lampedusa boat tour

On Monday we started with the second part of the presentation of the projects from the participants. David did a project to introduce non formal education methodologies into his organization (Doctors of the World). Pascalis, Diana, Simina and Andonis did a cooking project in different countries called “Cooking without borders”, the interviewed the cooks and posted it in the blog ( Federica and Stefania interviewed migrants on the topic of migration and inclusion in Bologna (Italy). Alex did in her organisation in Valencia a project called “Feel, think and act” on teaching non formal methods with youngsters on the topic of participation and additionally she did a training course on how to work with migrant people. Jens and Bela did a migrant course with migrants on social movement.

Afterwards we did a conclusion trying to connect issues and capabilities of the projects.


In the afternoon in two groups we visited an art organization for migrants and did a tour in a Lampedusa boat.

In Studio Yalla ( we visited Yara, a syrian artist who has a studio there to create art. It’s a special place for people with refugee background giving them the possibility to make art and share space with other artist and have exhibitions together.




The Lampedusa Tour company is called Rederij Lampedusa ( There “Moe”, a syrian refugee, took us in a former refugee boat trough the canals and he explained us about the history of migration in Amsterdam and his own story how he travelled from Syria to Amsterdam. The boat we were on has been used before by a group of refugees to travel from the coast of North Africa (probably Libya or Egypt) to the island of Sicily, Italy in 2014. This idea already was quite impressive.