Initiatives in Berlin / Germany

One of the oldest self-organized refugee protest network: The Voice Refugee Forum (partly English, partly German site):

About the protests at Oranienplatz: You can also view the “Movement magazine” published by activists of that protest (articles also in English):

International women space:

Borderline Europe – Human rights without borders (monitoring, documentation, networking):

Action Research Intiviatives

Social inclusion & empowerment / Intercultural garden project “Die Gärtnerei” |

Borders – historical and current / Theatre project “We are the Play” | About the theatre & performance platform ‘Sisyphos der Flugelefant’:
About the performance ‘We are the play’:
About the project ‘Berlin Bound’:

Education & conselling / Al-Dar e.V. | (only in German)

Work & inclusion / Bakery Bantabaa & Café Varadinek | – another interesting project: Cucula – refugees company for crafts and design (

political action, empowerment & art / “Refugee Club Impulse” & “My Right is Your Right” | Refugee Club Impulse:,
‘My right is your right’:
other interesting projects: Centre for political beauty “The Dead are Coming”, “First fall of the European Wall”

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